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October 2003

New Server Query Page 2003-10-23 @ 23:21:01 UTC
    I've added a new page to query the live status of our servers. Go check it out. If your're curious at all it uses PsychoQuery from

New Private Server Sponsor 2003-10-22 @ 22:31:54 UTC
    Thanks to [TRU]Tru2One's effort and 1310 Gaming we have a private server for practices and matches. You can find out more about services from 1310 Gaming's at

Backbone: ATX Communications DS3 (45Mbps)
CPU: Cheese Blaster 3000
RAM: 1337MB
HD: 15,000 RPM Spastic Grease Spinner

Server Updates... Second Edition 2003-10-16 @ 1:07:26 UTC
    Well the new provider for our server isn't working out, the peers they promised to have up right away havn't come so we're moving to yet another provider. The new provider is Yipes and they're already well-trenched in the dallas area with several peers. I'll let you know what the new IP addresses are ASAP though I do recommend to always use the domain names so that you don't have to bother with remembering any specific IP addresses...after all that's what domains are for.

To connect to the servers you must use the domain name or use the server browser to find it. If you want the IP adddress you can ping the domain to get it.

Tryouts will be resumed now that the pings are low and stable

Server Updates 2003-10-4 @ 3:05:05 UTC
    Earlier today at 4:50pm Central Time our servers' datacenter had a major issue with out backbone provider of which I don't know all the details of yet. This was not a planned maintenance outage of any sort. While this outage occurs our host is switching us off of the Cogent backbone which was giving us packet loss to a new provider. The new backbone provider is Hurricane Electric with a GigE connection of 1000Mbps. You can expect the servers to be back online late tomorrow with a new IP address though you will also be able to access it using the same domain. Ping should decrease throughout the coming days while Hurricane Electric sets up it's peers in Dallas, Texas. As of October 4th 2003 @ 10PM Central Time both servers are back online. Though the IP addresses have changed you can continue using the domain addresses as they have not. Just re-ad the game server to your server browser using the domain address of


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