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August 2003

New TeamSpeak Server 2003-8-24 @ 7:42:36 UTC
    We now have a TeamSpeak server for voice chat. You can find the information to connect in the Private Chat Forum:

Shit Happens! 2003-8-23 @ 10:10:40 UTC
    Just after pulling out of the driveway going to the LAN party Friday night I heard my monitor hitting the back door of our Jeep so we stopped and I got out adjusted it, drove a little farther then stopped to adjust it again, but this time the $300 ViewSonic P95f+B monitor came rolling out onto the street. Tried to catch it of course, but it's not that easy to grab a 58 lbs. block slipping between your desperate hands!

...and later that night...
While playing CS I could hear my video card fan clicking against the heatsink metal making for some interesting grunge metal tunes. Not long after that started the textures in CS became rainbow colored, not to mention my guns grew what looked like christmas lights! After a while of not thinking much of it my screen starts to blank out every couple seconds so naturally I exit CS and restart the computer. While inspecting the BLAZING HOT(overheated) heatsink/fan on the video card I could see it going slower than usual...almost able to read the logo on the fan center. Luckily turning up the 4800 rpm intake fan let me finish playing my games, but aww shit!...what a screwy-ass night. Thankfully I have a "lifetime" warranty on the PNY graphics card, but still frustrating because I just recently exchanged it...too bad I got a broken refurbished piece of shit back. Feel free to laugh at my rainbow texture problems and raise your self-of-steem as it helped others at the LAN party (they first wanted to know where I got the cool paintball mod/textures).

LAN Madness! 2003-8-22 @ 9:38:16 UTC
    I've added a new page which I thought may be interesting to some of you. It's our 'LAN Info' which has information about every location that has/will host our LAN parties including the available equipment, space, and power at each one. If your in Houston, Texas or nearby and would like to host one of our events, feel free to send me an email or IM me in AIM.

-Update: (2003-08-24) Added LAN staff, list rules including what you should and cannot bring.

Server Update 2003-8-10 @ 11:42:18 UTC
    The game server was moved and has a new IP address now, you can find it on the Server Info page or on


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