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January 2004

Voice Server Address 2004-1-23 @ 21:53:45 UTC
    Our TeamSpeak voice server has been moved over to a better bandwidth provider and has a new IP address to go with it. I've also added a shorter domain that may be used to connect to it.

New IP:
Old IP:

Game Server Issues 2004-1-16 @ 3:14:06 UTC
    Coming this February we will not have a game server. The CPU and RAM usage of our server has gotten to a point where our current host will not allow us to run the combination of Admimod and AMX nor run any beta version HLGuard which was the only working version available. Not only did the host disable AMX and HLGuard they also deleted all of the files for them! Without the combination of both AdminMod and AMX it's just not the same level of fun gaming that it always has been. Not only that but cheating will go out of control without HLGuard's wallhack block and aimbot detection.

I rather us all save our money until we can get all of what we need rather than having a half-ass setup. When I have an extra computer and about $60 per month to spend I can get our game server back and upgrade it to more than 16 player slots. If anyone is willing to directly split the cost for our server feel free to contact me, otherwise it's up to me.

P.S. Admins will get what they paid for and since nobody paid for February or later that isn't a problem.

Update: The host prematurely killed our server...just one more reason to host it ourselves instead of renting it elsewhere.


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